Point Blank Range, LLC

Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Permit Class

We are immediately opening up our WEEKDAY and WEEKEND classes.  If you  would like to register or have any questions,  please feel free contact us at 618-294-8700.

 Each Student must provide the following:

  1. Firearm
    1. NO derringers,  NO firearms without trigger guard, NO High-Points, Jennings, Lorcin, Raven, or any firearm considered unsafe by instructor.

    2. Firearm must be cased and unloaded.

    3. If shooting a semi-auto, you will need to bring 2-3 magazines.
  2. Ammunition for Range Time and Qualifying
    1. 200 rounds of ammunition required  (NOT included in class price)
      • 170 Rounds of practice ammunition and 30 rounds of qualifying ammunition.
  3. Concealment holster and a belt if needed to use your holster
    1. You will not be shooting from your concealment holster.  The holster will be used to practice drawing with your unloaded firearm as well as with your loaded firearm.
    2. Please bring the holster that you will be using to conceal your firearm to the class.  You can bring any type of holster, including purse holster, concealment vest with built in holster, in waistband holster, shoulder holster, ankle holster, in pocket holster, etc.

    3.  You will need to bring a vest, button up shirt, or light jacket to conceal your firearm.
    4. Valid FOID Card (Expired cards are not accepted)

    5. In order to receive any credit, you must provide successful completion of prior training course.  Check the isp.state.il.us/firearm website to see the list of credited classes.

*Please be advised:  These are Illinois State Rules.  There is no guarantee  that the current credited classes will be accepted as a credit on  January 5th.  They are subject to change.  You may consider taking the entire 16 hour class.

 Please note the following:

  1. Unsafe actions will be cause for immediate disqualification from class.  NO Refunds.
  2. All students must pass shooting qualifications with 70% or above as well as pass a written test.  If you do not pass,  there are NO REFUNDS.

  3. Students must be 21 years of age or older.
  4. Fingerprints are not included in cost of class.  We will provide an on-site company  if you wish to submit your fingerprints.
  5. Dress Code
    • No High Heel shoes, boots, or wedges.  NO open-toed shoes.  NO low cut shirts.
  6. Cancellation Policy
    • Must give 5 days notice to cancel; otherwise $20.00 of your fee will be consumed.

Certified Instructors:

Shannon Deuel

Nathan Douglas

David Morris

Ashley Reeder

Jim Richerson